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I will be fasting for all cancer suffers - Dr. Prophet Radebe


Deliverance Testimonies

Evil spells caused by spider webs

An evil spell of spiders and its webs were the unfortunate cause of the destruction of concord within her relationship. Using holy water from church to bath with, her water changed and turned into a rotten milk state (amasi). On giving her testimony, Bhavu said she believes that her love life will shape up again since the evils have been cast off.


Bothered by a womb problem for six months, Revelation Church of God member of 2 years Andiswa Mnconywa urinated two 10 cent coins, this after she heeded the call of the African Prophet for cleansing at FNB stadium. She also added that it’s been six months since her husband left their home. The Prophet confirmed during her testimony that those 10 cent coins were an evil spell and that they were the cause of her marriage falling apart.

I expelled 5 stones!

“I urinated 5 brown stones and now I am free from the pain I had been experiencing.” Thabethe attended the Good Friday event at the FNB stadium and had faith that she too would be healed. “On my way to the stadium, I felt a pain in my womb. During the prayer of seeking a miracle in our lives, I prayed along and I felt the need of using the toilet. I struggled to walk to the toilets, but when I got there I urinated 5 brown stones and now I am free from the pain I felt,” added Thabethe.

News & Articles

Where Your Rights Don't Matter

The courts of South Africa are supposed to signify a place of justice, freedom and security, a place where the injustices of the past are redressed, wherethis justice is meted out impartially and without fear or favour. However in this democratic South Africa, the administration of justice leaves a lot to be desired for, we see this justice being politicised on all levels leaving it exposed and in so doing losing its legitimacy. Instead of being engaged as the South African community, we are bombarded with these proposed legislations which are “supposedly” to be protecting us from violations, especially those of our human rights. In reality, have we complained of any violations of those rights, and we did, are we so narrow minded that we wouldn’t know which relevant office to approach? If so, who is to blame? There is a lack of education when it comes to knowledge of the law and our rights, and those who know their rights do not know most of the responsibilities that comes with those rights. Who knows, I may be arrested and charged as well for my opinion, it may be found that in my speech I may be expressing it in a manner that creates a state of fear to those it is directed to. Yes, that is true, now the Department of Justice and Constitutional Development is introducing what is called Prevention and Combating of Hate Crimes and Hate Speech Bill. We support the government in making sure that hate crimes are eradicated and sanctioned, preventing and combating the hate crimes and hate speech will create an environment that is peaceful for everyone with our differences and all. There is no denying however, that some provisions of the Bill have the potential to shut down some channels of communicating a message and utterance of certain statements. This is especially so with regards to religious institutions, now the religious leaders will have to trend carefully when preaching and teaching in their congregations as not to offend anyone, in other words confined to a certain specific track of words.

An african spiritual pilgrimage to renew the covenant of restoration

In the month which God revealed to be the period of immense spiritual growth, Dr. Prophet Radebe will be taking his true, rooted followers to a spiritual pilgrimage to meet with God and renew the Covenant of Restoration in June. The Revelation Church of God founder and leader Dr. Prophet Radebe was called by God on the 5th December 2008 at Ncome, in KwaZulu Natal, to establish an African Covenant with God. This date serves as his special day for the renewal of his covenant with God and has been renowned for the unforgettable confrontation between the Voortrekkers and amaZulu on 16 December 1838. Coming out victorious, affirmed Voortrekkers’ belief that the predominance of the whites over the blacks is the will of God. The agreement between God and Dr. Prophet Radebe was to restore Africa to its original form. This restoration comprises of the following: the African original gospel, culture and identity, mindset, wealth, dignity and good morals. In addition to that, the African messenger of God said he was called to remove the stigma of inferiority on Blacks; that they are the worst nation compared to other nations and should forever be treated as slaves. His followers who believed that God raised him for Africans headed for the call to establish that covenant with God under the Prophet’s leadership to break all other covenants. This includes breaking away from white dominance and the silent oppression that Africans continue to experience up to today, especially here in South Africa. “Those who are under this covenant of restoration and understand fully its purpose have broken the curse of slavery and thus they are free,” stated Dr. Prophet Radebe on his sermon on 5pm on the 08th of May 2017. Dr. Prophet Radebe revealed that the power of Africa rests in its spirituality and that he was led to eNcome to bring back the power of Africa. In Ncome, God revealed to Dr. Prophet Radebe in 2014 to move the covenant to Ekuphumuleni Mountain. This was after he discovered the mountain.

Dr. Prophet Radebe’s speech during deliverance

If simply accepting Jesus would make life better and free people from trouble, then there wouldn’t be a need to go to church. Even though we call upon the name of Jesus we still need to fight, people must stop spreading lies about the gospel. There is healing in the spiritual world whether you agree or not,” stated Dr. Prophet Radebe. “The world promotes the bad but does not promote the good as the power of God. We are in Easter holidays and the world agrees that this is a Christian holiday but the world refuses to acknowledge God and God’s power. The world wants you to believe in its powers and its ways and not the powers of God. God does exist. “Today, healing from God becomes a big scandal. Healing does not stop after the service, when you allow the power of God to work it continues to work, just believe. When we work in the spirit we must not disturb the moment, when you disturb that moment the angel of God will stop working. “ “If you are African you will understand African problems and God will tackle your African problems the African way. “When God gives us gifts, He entrusts us with gifts that will deal with African problems and equips us with a gospel that can tackle these problems. “When you a problem with the law you need a lawyer, when we are troubled by evil spirits and things that do not have scientific explanations where do we go? We need to go to people who are gifted. The things that you see happening around a lawyer cannot help you with, these are spiritual matters. A nation needs to be healed. We see people with anger issues and bad attitudes; we need to search for people who can help with spiritual matters.” “If you do not believe in something, do not insult or denounce it, continue to not believe.