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Kwintsebenzo yeNkomishi Thursday,
I will be fasting for all cancer suffers - Dr. Prophet Radebe

Our Services

Sunday Preaching 8:00am to 11:00am;

Sunday Preaching,

The preaching service deals with revelations that relate to the things that are happening around us and how they can be resolved using a spiritual approach. This approach does not come directly from the biblical scriptures but rather from God through revelations. The preachings, teachings and deliverances of the Revelation Church of God depend on the Spirit of God that comes through revelations; the Bible acts as a book of reference.

Monday Teaching 17:00 to 19:00;

Revelation teaching sermons,

Monday 5pm sermons are aimed at exposing the truths and revelations about the living word of God that the Almighty discloses to Dr. Prophet Radebe who then relays these to his congregation. These teachings are mainly focused at teaching the congregation to worship God in alignment with its culture, give understanding and wisdom on how to approach life as a true convent of God, assist the congregation to establish and sustain a long-lasting relationship with God, and maintain one’s salvation while one is still alive

Tuesday Deliverance Service(Intsebenzo yeNkanyiso) 12:30pm to 15:00pm;

Tuesday Deliverance Service,

A true gospel is divided into two salvations: teachings and anointed spiritual power, thus Tuesdays are days for deliverance for enlightenment; a day where the congregation engages on spiritual war fare against all sorts of evils—such as isichitho, ubumnyama, curses, etc., that are blocking their progress and prosperity. To drive away that evil darkness, God reveals the special deliverance services in order to bring light into the lives of the congregants so that they may prosper in their lives.

Thursday Deliverance Service(Intsebenzo yeNkomishi) 12:30pm to 15:00pm;

Thursday Deliverance Service,

A church can be compared to a hospital because it is a place of healing as well, and Thursday services are for providing healing to people who are suffering from numerous diseases and those that are chronic without any medical diagnosis. These diseases include idliso as well. It is not by prayer alone that heals but God’s specials gift of healing using water that he entrusted Dr. Prophet Radebe with. Just a small amount of water performs miracles and wonders in the name of God’s mighty gifts.

1st Friday Love Life Service 17:00pm to 19:00pm;

1st Friday Love Life Service,

Building and nurturing families is one of the most important roles that the church is entrusted with. On the first Friday of each month Dr. Prophet Radebe dedicates his time to teaching the congregation on how to build strong families, and loving marriages. Likewise he often states that there is hardly a school that teaches people about love affairs better than a place of worship, therefore this service is aimed at achieving that.

1st Saturday Women's Service 08:00am to 11:00am;

1st Saturday Women's Service,

On the first Saturday of every month the women of the Revelation Church of God gather at the main church branch to receive special spiritual deliverances that is aimed at solving problems affecting women in general. The service also serves as a hub for women to receive teachings aimed at improving motherhood role within their homes and womanhood in society.