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That will not only lead people to Salvation but help them live their lives to the fullest , because everything that is good it is Gods will, and everything that is Bad it is the Devils will

About The Revelation Church of God

The Revelation Church of God recognise African practices and put them in a spiritual and Christian context. We further recognise that African people experience difficulties relating to amadliso (poison), cultural identity ``crisis``, clan names, stress, and depression. The church assists Africans to overcome these problems. God in His word teaches us to come as we are, and the church allows people to first understand and know who they are, and where they come from, so that God can reveal Himself to them. Anyone who despises his true cultural identity does not take pride in the creation that God made and perfected.

God created us and allowed us to be born into a specific clan for a purpose. God revealed himself to Moses, and said “I am God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob”, He was calling him by his clan name, and He wanted him to know who he was and where he comes from, before God could use him to deliver the Israelites from bondage.

God revealed himself to the Founder and Leader of the Revelation Church of God, Prophet Radebe, that His people are living in the world that is surrounded by all forms of spirits; by this we mean (the fallen angels, demons, evil spirits, and human spirit dead and alive). These spirits prevents us from realising God’s purpose in our lives.

The establishment of the Revelation Church of God brought light and hope in people’s lives. God’s power and presence is witnessed by many through miraculous signs and wonders. People are delivered from amadliso, diseases, evil spirits, demonic spirits, fallen angels, you name it. These spirits are attracted to us to put layers that will prevent us from unveiling God’s anointing and blessings. God wants to reveal Himself to Africans, and have anointed a leader within African community as a vessel in manifestation of His vision and mission, building His kingdom on earth. Some of the pastors who are called have this revelation but the prince of this world “satan”, puts evil seal that manifests itself in forms of problems in our lives to prevent us from seeing God’s anointing and presence among African leaders. Some African people despise the God anointed African church leaders. They don’t believe that God can reveal Himself to African church leaders through prophesy and vision, nor can He use him to deliver His people from demonic spirits.

African leaders called by God are still labeled today as Satanist, and are ridiculed; they are said to be without God’s anointing. All miracles performed in churches founded by Africans are viewed as magic performed in cults assisted by evil and demonic spirits. This is yet, another seal that the devil uses to cause confusion and to mislead God’s people.

Our Alfa and Omega is always one step ahead of the devil, He sends people to His church so they may experience His power and presence. After RECEIVING healing they glorify Him through testimony as we all know that there is power in the Word of our testimony. This is one way of overcoming our enemy. The personal experience of how God worked a miracle in your life, blessed and transform you, lifted and encouraged you, transformed your life is true validation of newly found relationship with God.

It affords people with opportunity to be baptised with the Holy Spirit and RECEIVE helmet of salvation and Word of God. They used this to strengthen and protect their newly found relationship with God. Now that they have surrendered their lives to Jesus Christ, they use His name to cast out demons. Church teaches us to remember that God found us outside and brought us to church to serve His purpose. People’s lives are built on solid foundation. We always remember that the devil has come to steal, kill and destroy, but Jesus came to give eternal life, which we find while we are still alive, not after death.

The role of the church in the community is of paramount importance, as it assists in the restoration of people’s lives, nation building, communities and family revival. The time has come for leaders to form partnerships with churches as it assist government to fulfill its mandate. The church assists in addressing socio economic problems within the country by introducing programmes that builds and restores people’s lives, and brings hope to the lost generation.

People, who understand the Revelation Church of God ministry, come to church to assist the leader to fulfill God’s mission. They give their full commitment and chose to be part of God’s winning team, and ensure that the leader reaches the target God has set for the church. Mighty men supported David according to what God sent him to do. Let us therefore, support leaders and churches with God’s anointing.

Pray to God for direction, ask for spiritual wisdom so you can differentiate between leaders who are called and those who are self raised. God knew you before you were born, He will direct you to His chosen church, that appeals to your spiritual needs. Give God a chance and see Him perform wonders in your life.

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We are a community of people loving people & our Lord.
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We are a community of people loving people & our Lord.
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We are a community of people loving people & our Lord.
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We are a community of people loving people & our Lord.
Dr Prophet Radebe
Dr Prophet Radebe - RCG FOUNDER
Prophet Radebe's Spiritual teachings

Did you know?

1. A revelation teaching is unbiblical and can use the accounts recorded in the bible as point of reference or example. God through His Spirit reveals Revelation teachings to man and are pure. Spiritually immature people do not understand such teachings. That is why the Pharisees’ and teachers of the law, a deep-rooted religious group renowned for knowing God’s laws, misunderstood the Lord Jesus Christ’s teachings. Specifically, genuine prophets reveal these teachings, because they are God’s mouthpieces.

....: When missionaries came with the Word of God in Africa, the understanding that they gave was that, all of the cultural practices that African people where doing prior to the Bible arrival were wrong and ungodly

Dr Prophet Radebe

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