If You See Ahead, You Have A Reason To Fight - Dr. S. B Radebe





The founder and leader of the Revelation Church of God the Honourable Dr. Prophet Samuel Radebe has noted the circulation of false and malicious rumours directed against his person on social media by certain unscrupulous individuals.Prophet Radebe wishes to reassure the congregants and supporters of the Revelation Church of God, who are extensive and spread across a number of African countries – that these rumours are completely false and entirely devoid of substance. He further wishes to reassure church congregants that he is in excellent health and was abroad.. “I will be returned to South Africa on completion of my mission: as our congregants are aware, I am involved in a number of business and other ventures – they should have known that I will be returning to them soon” says Prophet Radebe. The Church rejects with utter contempt this blatant attempt to create disunity and sow discord within the Revelation Church of God. It should be noted that during the crossover service held at Rand Stadium on the 31st of December 2017 Prophet Radebe warned that the upcoming year would be one of immense trial for both himself and the Church.  The faithful congregants of the Revelation Church of God should not be swayed by the vicious rumour-mongering and peddling of lies by those with sinister agendas. This attempted campaign to discredit him comes as no surprise to Prophet Radebe. “I have always said to my congregants – when I prophesy something, it always comes to pass – and this time is no different. I urge you to remain alert and vigilant,” he says. No amount of peddling false rumours will deter Prophet Radebe from his sacred mission: to restore African pride through African Spirituality. Those behind this false news are doomed to fail.


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