You will never understand God if you don’t understand the culture He gave you - Dr. Prophet Radebe

Prophet Radebe, uBhungane, uMthimkhulu, uMakhulukhulu, uZikode, uMashwabada, owashwabadela inkomo nempondozayo, uzinziphozimnyama ngokuqhwayana, uNgelengele, uNdlebentle zombini, uMashiy’amahle, uMahlub’amhlophe (clannames of AmaHlubi tribe, oRadebe) who was given the spiritual names of uDongalomona, uMafel’mpini, Phunyuka izitha selezimphethe, Umthunzi wabantu, was born in Gugulethu, Cape Town.

Called to serve and elevate the Africans spiritually, Dr. S.B Radebe has an enviable track record of personal excellence and exemplary leadership. His background includes leadership positions and roles from a tender age when he is reputed to have developed and nurtured followership towards a cause. In his quest to serve he has expended beyond his religious realm to influence various spheres of life where Africans require inspiration and higher level leadership including education, social upliftment, lifestyle and economic wellbeing. The wide array of interests, in which he has excelled beyond measure, bear testimony to his growing sphere of influence. It isn't every Prophet who can seamlessly shift gears to help lead a spiritual church in an environment of political, social, spiritual and religious chaos while advocating for the relevance of traditional leaders, African Prophets and merging divergent yet similar beliefs to turning around the plight of ordinary South Africans and leading a cross disciplinary strategic initiatives’ team.  But this, is the primary part of Dr. Prophet Radebe's signature offering to South Africa and by extension the African continent. Dr. Prophet Radebe is differentiated by an uncommon complement of prophetic gifts combined with a strong business and entrepreneurial acumen thus allowing him to view spirituality, socio-economic developmental challenges with an informed and wide lens whilst narrowing down all pertinent aspects to connect all relevant humanistic dots. Dr. Prophet Radebe comes from a lineage of Academics, Prophets, Politicians and Royalty - hence his holistic view of African issues. Dr. Prophet Radebe - a Doctor of Philosophy in Christian Counselling,  the founder and leader of The Revelation Church of God which was established seven years ago, commands leadership and direction to varied organisations. To-date, the church operates 58 branches throughout the continent with 7 branches located beyond the boarders of South Africa 4 in Zimbabwe, 4 in Mozambique and 1 in Malawi the balance of which is spread across South Africa. A decisive, focused and tenacious anointed man of God, Dr. Prophet Radebe traces his spiritual beginnings from a tender age of 4 when he had visions which not even his parents could understand.  At the age of 16, he made a conscious decision no other teenager could make - which was to dedicate his life to the work of God.  Whilst he had no idea what this decision would entail at the time, he has however stayed the course and indeed remained true to his calling. Today, Dr. Prophet Radebe - the multi-gifted African Prophet and spiritual leader is renowned for his healing, deliverance and teaching gifts amongst others. This is evidenced by the multitudes who look up to him not only as a spiritual leader but also as a father, teacher, counsellor, coach, mentor and confidant. A unifier not only in his church but within the continent at large. Dr. Prophet  SB Radebe unceasingly connects and works with the communities within which his church operates. Prophet Radebe is undeniably a visionary of note. Dr. Prophet  Radebe has recently wrote various books in spirituality and has under his belts written 4 Books.  Dr. Radebe has a track record of being a visionary leader, one who has a relentless pursuit of aggressive goals.  Not only is he a business builder but is a leader who has leveraged spiritual leadership experience. Dr. Prophet Radebe has proven to be an inspiring leader with a talent of rallying a team around a vision encouraging stretch thinking and creating a sense of intense urgency and focus that leads to breakthrough results. Corroborating the good work and impact that Dr. Radebe has in South Africa and abroad, we attached two unsolicited publications viz. Black Business Quarterly (BBQ) and Leadership magazines he was featured in.


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